Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hate Islam n Anti Islam?

Hate islam?Ape bendenye tu.........?
Mungkin ramai yang tidak tahu,tetapi di sini saya akan menunjukkan anda beberapa komen daripada para anti Islam.!!!!
Who made god?
dont LIE

your dirty prick mohammed gave muslim males the RIGHT to beat wives

whats more its in your koran

how AMUSING that you think wife beating would make a female 'respect' such a lowlife husband or that BEATING is about advice

why are you so devoid of morals that you think wife beating is ok...& youre trying to rationalise it

ISLAM IS SOOOOO DIRTY.....muslims so weak/gullible as YOU show
its time you understood why people with values/morals hate islam...when its based on deceit, the dirty prick mohammed MURDERED innocents, and islam is the cause of the most obscene levels of harm/misery/denial of human rights/oppression/fear inflicted on countless millions of its innocent victims'

there is NO positive in people being lied to,controlled by fear,and the filth/.immorality of the hoax of islam

even koran proves youve been LIED TO
purleeze LOL...prove an allah before you dribble more immature brainwashed garbage

how come YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE as to the sources of whats in koran

youre obviously not a smart boy with the junk you write

islam is crumbling & from within...remember not all are lacking brains/balls like you lol

and your own koran proves youve been LIED TO lol
Inilah diantara komen-komen anti Islam..............sign up you tube dan dakwah pada mereka......<<<>>>

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